Hicks, Collin » Welcome to 8th Grade Math and Yearbook!

Welcome to 8th Grade Math and Yearbook!


Period Subject
1st (7:30 - 8:27) Conference
2nd (8:31 - 9:28) Algebra I
3rd (9:32 - 10:29) 8th Grade Math
4th (10:33 - 11:30) Algebra I
5th (11:34 - 1:12) Yearbook
6th (1:16 - 2:13) Advisory
7th (2:17 - 3:14) 8th Grade Math
8th (3:18 - 4:15) 8th Grade Math
Tutoring Time
Wednesday Before School 6:50 - 7:20AM
Tutoring can be scheduled outside of that time if necessary.
About Me
I grew up in Paradise, TX and attended Bridgeport High School. While there, I participated in band, sports, FFA, NHS, you name it! I continued with band in college playing trumpet for several ensembles including the marching and basketball bands. I have a big family, a beautiful wife, and two fluffy dogs and I love all of them dearly. I graduated with a degree in math education and I'm excited to start my fourth year at TMS!
Baylor University