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About Mr. Edmonds

Hello all! I am the new percussion Director here in the Quinlan School District. I am housed at Thompson Middle School, but will be teaching the High School Drumline and concert ensembles. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with the students in this district, and help them grow as individuals and musicians.
Texas A&M University - Commerce - Music Education
Class Schedule:
7:30am - 8:27am      1st Period: Beginner Percussion
8:31am - 9:28am      2nd Period: Administrative/class help
9:32am - 10:29am    3rd Period: Non-Varsity Concert Band 
10:33am - 11:30am  4th Period: Varsity Symphonic Band (assist) Percussion
11:34am - 12:04pm  Lunch
12:08pm - 1:12pm    5th Period: Conference
1:16pm - 2:13pm      6th Period: HS Percussion
2:17pm - 3:14pm      7th Period: HS Percussion
3:18pm - 4:15pm      8th Period: Administrative HS/ Jazz Band FHS
Tutor: Wednesdays 4:15pm - 5pm in the HS Band Hall