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My name is Lois Olesen. I am a Texas transplant. I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Florida and lived in Alabama. I have lived in Texas for 10. I have been married 3 years and we have 7 children together. This is my second year at Quinlan ISD. This is my 6th year teaching. I am a 6th grade math teacher and certified in special education. 
Tutoring: Tuesday 4:30 to 5:30

1st Period 

7:30-8:27 Conference

2nd Period 

8:31-9:28 6th grade Math

3rd Period

9:32-10:29 6th grade Math

4th Period

10:33-11:30 6th grade Math

5th Period 

11:34-12:38 6th grade Math


A Lunch     12:42-1:12

6th Period

1:16-2:13 6th Level up

7th Period

2:17-3:14 6th grade Math

8th Period

3:18-4:15 6th grade Honors Math